All headshots created with the site Artbreeder, then edited in Clipstudio Paint by Rune. Listed in order of appearance.

These are created with reference in mind, and different interpretations of appearances are always welcome.


Born October 8th of 1830 to Raguel and an undisclosed mother, Mayetiel had a tumultuous childhood until she was old enough to be inducted into scribery - where she took up a mentorship under Metatron.

With no interest in dramatics, she's kept her focus on deep research and expanded studies. She knows little of mortal life, but finds humans quaint. Like her late father, she has a fondness for the ideals of justice.


Born May 29th of 1822, Harry was brought up alongside soldiers - as the revolt of 1838 left him without familial ties, and he was too old at the time to be added to a trioship.

Considered as smooth as stipple ceiling and interesting in the same way grass is blue, he makes up one of five leading ranks in Sector 77. He wormed his way into such a position despite his most defining characteristic being a penchant for bad accents.


A private of Sector 77, Thariel was not keen on releasing any information without representation of her second general or a higher-ranking scribe.

A superior uttered some information about her ability to produce the angel weapon known as a "halo" to be unrivaled and sinister in nature.

*Interviewer's note: Let it be known that the room felt noticeably warmer after she'd left it.


Born January 2nd of 1791 to two mortal parents, Amihan was raised under close supervision and swiftly inducted into Heaven's Militia when he came of age - his physical strength and quiet willingness to follow orders made him a perfect candidate.

Having studied halo creation with Harry's guidance, he's said to excel in utilizing the weapons in a more brutish way.

Johnathon "Maverick" Ricker

Born July 10th of 1841, Maverick was raised on a peach farm in Georgia until his mid-teens - then on moving North to secure an education in law. Holding an interest in fairness, he volunteered himself to the Union as war broke out.

When an operation brought him within a mile of his childhood home, he sought out his siblings in an attempt to convince them onto his side. The attempt was fruitless, leaving him to bleed the remainder of his luck out when Liatiel happened upon him.


Having passed after falling ill some five centuries ago, Ameriel remembers little of her life before becoming a reaper - or, at the very least, has chosen to let go of her remaining earthly attachments.

Her focus stays on aiding souls as they pass over, at which she is exceedingly efficient.

Father Valentino Rodriguez

Born April 5th of 1979, Valentino was raised in a small town in Northern Oregon. Brought up in a turbulent household, his interest in religion was strengthened as his local church became a safe space for him.

His devotion hasn't faltered and he's stayed in his hometown, delivering his own sermons for nearly two decades.