All headshots created with the site Artbreeder, then edited in Clipstudio Paint by Rune. Listed in order of appearance.

These are created with reference in mind, and different interpretations of appearances are always welcome.

Oren Mcvale

Born May 2nd of 1838, Oren is an angel ignorant of the soul she harbors. Raised alongside two other angels under their guardian, the archangel Michael, her powers have been kept secret - only exposed in times of anguish.

At merely 127 years old, she joined the Scout's Division of Heaven, allowing her the time and finance to live amongst mortals for research purposes. Her love and trust for humans has unfortunately led to record-breaking probationary periods upstairs - wherein she is sentenced to complete isolation due to her tendency to speak the truth about her species.

After nearly 3 years in solitary, she's put on an immediate assignment with the skirmisher Liatiel, which ends abruptly due to her lack of combat training.

Victor Winter

Born January 8th of 1993, Victor is a motorcycle mechanic, shut-in, and an old flame of Oren's. Raised in Oregon with an incredibly strict religious upbringing, he finds himself continuously at the scout's aid - skeptical as he is, he considers her blabbering about angelhood to be consistent with drug usage until proven otherwise.

His latest encounter with Oren provides him with enough proof and kickstarts his own involvement with Heaven. The path of the supernatural just might be too much for him to handle.

Gabriel Wills

Created alongside the other archangels and pantheons before calendars came into existence, Gabriel is most known by humans for his involvement with the Virgin Mary, informing her of the savior to come - however, more recently known in Heaven as the 1838 revolt's leader as part of a small uprising of parents.

Since his rebellion, he and the other members of the revolt have spread out and hidden across the globe. He resides in Oregon, masquerading as a naturopath amongst mortals and keeping his ears open to other rogue angels in need of aid.


Born November 8th of 1735, Liatiel was raised a fighter under her angel father - the new norm of guardianship taking place post-revolt, a century after she was born. She climbed the ranks of scouting and was promoted to Skirmisher at only 120 years old.

On the right track to join Heaven's Militia and eyed specifically by Sector 77, she fell for a mortal at the cusp of the Civil War. After nursing the Northerner back to health, she sought a way to keep them together through any means necessary, the path leading her to Gabriel.

Asher Mcvale

Born December 9th of 1998, Asher was brought up alongside his younger sister, Mimi, in a conservative household. Shortly after turning 17, he braved a family dinner with his then-boyfriend beside him, promptly leading to him being ousted from his home.

Finding shelter in a 24-hour laundromat with nothing but a dying phone and some loose change, he met Oren. The angel comforted him and took the boy in as her own, aiding his culinary arts endeavors until another probationary period swept her away. He resides in Oregon with his confectionary enthusiast and primadonna partner.


Created sixth in a line of princes and associated with the sin of pride, Kai is infamous for his arrogance and hot temper. He was made shortly after Lucifer's fall, from the body of the archangel's anguished lover.

As the last of the coherent princes remaining in Hell - claiming himself charitable enough to assist his withering creator - he was first tasked with contacting Oren in 1970. Decades of tracking and attempting to engage with the angel proved fruitless, eventually leading up to a rather explosive encounter on her first day back on assignment.

*When questioned about the commonality of associating his sin with Lucifer, he's quoted disdainfully that he "couldn't bear being named after a figure most famous for losing a fight."

Dmitri Lucius

Born February 21st of 1943, Dmitri was classified as a delicatus shortly after his birth in Hell. His demonic species is one of four types bred specifically to mimic humans, in both appearance and function.

Child to Lillian and Clement Lucius, he's awarded higher social standing due to his late father's position under Prince Beelzebub - the perks of which allotted him a surname, access to earthly texts, and an occupational raffle that put him and his brother in Prince Kai's employ.

Edvin Lucius

Born April 29th of 1877, Edvin is classified as the subspecies durus - a type known for their strength and durability, having been forged with war in mind. The breed is also infamous for aggression, a trait he actively works against.

As Dmitri's elder brother and sole guardian after their mother's passing, he's made responsible for the boy's insatiable curiosity and tendency to wander. Regardless of the difficulty, he's remained steadfast in breaching the surface of Earth, giving top priority to his brother's desire to "see what stars are."


Born September 21st of 1838, Elijah was raised alongside Oren and Andrew under Michael's guardianship. A more studious and reserved type, he joined the Scribes in 1965 and was immediately assigned to the cases of his lifelong companions.

Since designation, his reports have reflected his tendency for perfection with not so much as a typo in any of his files. He resides in Heaven, making no room for earthly visits or vacations - at least until he's abruptly called upon for such, given Oren's untimely disappearance.


Born August 22nd of 1837, Andrew was raised alongside Oren and Elijah under Michael's guardianship. Adventurous and strong-willed, he was expected to join the Scout's Division, but a sudden change of heart led him to become a guardian.

Completing extensive continuing education courses on child-rearing and angelology, he took on his current trio of trainees in 1992 - consisting of Haruto, Aarav, and Sera. Raising three young angels has proven turbulent enough on its own, made rockier when a scheduled visitation to Earth coincides with the disappearance of the woman he cares for most.


Born June 29th of 1755 to two mortal parents, Evangeline was raised under a collective of elder angels - given her generation was too early for guardianship. At 83 years old - keen on ensuring future angels were given a proper, more direct form of attention as they grew - she took on a training position to join the ranks of the guardians.

Held back in her learnings until her tendency to ask too many questions was sated, she was finally assigned a trio in the spring of 1928. Determined to keep close to her charges, she transferred into scouting in 2023, the quartet eventually being assigned to a certain missing angel's case.


Born December 26th of 1927 to one mortal and one angel parent, Mattiel was brought up beside Mark and Cara under the watchful eye of their guardian Evangeline. He's admittedly the most bookish of his trio.

Mousy but opinionated, his graduation into scouting came as a surprise. His curiosity is piqued by the outcome of their newest case, the pitfalls of which lead to what he loathes most: unanswered questions.


Born April 1st of 1928 to dual angel parents, Mark was brought up beside Mattiel and Cara under the watchful eye of their guardian Evangeline. His athleticism is second only to Cara's.

With a heavier focus on strength and hand-eye coordination, the fast track to Heaven's Militia provided by the Scout's Division was what he set his sights on. Unfortunately, agility couldn't ward off the blindsiding an intense new case would bring.


Born February 20th of 1928 to two mortal parents, Cara was brought up beside Mark and Mattiel under the watchful eye of their guardian Evangeline. Given more than just her aggressive arm bar, the title of "strongest in her trio" was easily attained.

Bound for skirmishing and the demon hunting involved, she became a scout upon graduation. This path led to her group being assigned a missing angel's case - assumed easy enough, but wrongfully so.

Skylar Dupont

Born July 25th of 2002 to Julien and Emilie Dupont, Skylar was brought up with dual citizenship alongside his older brother, Christophe. Due to circumstance in his early teens, his father was made his sole guardian and the two made permanent residence in Oregon in 2016.

Since then, he's poured his efforts into creative endeavors, writing, and philanthropy. As luck would have it, his most-recent interest in livestreaming would lead to him capturing evidence of Heaven on camera.


Born about a thousand years ago and not pleased to be asked about her age, Anolani was brought up by a pair of angel parents. Raised on hard-work and perfection, she was easily accepted into Heaven's scribery department of the newly forming "Northern American District" in the mid-1600s.

Since, she has worked tirelessly and climbed the ranks to assert herself as a master scribe, overseeing thousands of reporting angels daily. Even so, her efforts were outshined soon after Elijah joined the ranks.


Born November 5th of 1992, child of the archangels Raphael and Azrael, Sera is being raised alongside Aarav and Haruto under Andrew's guardianship. Spoiled by her lineage, she's considered the most conniving of the group, but not nearly the ringleader.

Nearing another scheduled visitation to Earth, her group is informed of Oren's disappearance. As a hopeless romantic with a tendency for dramatics, her petulance would prove an aid in convincing her guardian to not let his missing love interest stay gone.


Born August 25th of 1992 to two mortal parents, Aarav is being raised alongside Sera and Haruto under Andrew's guardianship. With deeply-ingrained interest in psychology and diagnosing meanings to the actions of others, he's the most sympathetic of his trio.

Due to his analytical nature - and willingness to follow through on assigned readings - he's able to push logic into their guardian's inevitable retrieval plot, as anything less would be anticlimactic.


Born August 15th of 1992 to one mortal and one angel parent, Haruto is being raised alongside Aarav and Sera under Andrew's guardianship. Overzealous and at times arrogant, he's often slotted into a pseudo-leadership role for his trio.

Having an overactive imagination proves its perks when he's able to find the intersection between doing the "right thing" and the "fun thing," ensuring their guardian stakes his claim.

Kenneth Smith

Born December 15th of 2001, Kenny was raised in Vancouver, Washington until his family moved the summer after his 16th birthday. Finishing high school just south of Portland, he befriended Skylar and Jacob.

As his primary interests revolved around photography and gaming, he received little support from his parents as college applications came around - eventually leading to a long-term bout of couchsurfing at the expense of Skylar's generosity.

Jacob Moore-Jang

Born April 22nd of 2002, Jacob was brought up in Oregon only streets away from his lifelong best friend, Skylar. Skeptical in nature, he's proven himself an anchor to his companion's irrational sense of trustworthiness.

Vocalizing his atheism left him without familial connection, leading him to room with his best friend shortly after high school. Grounded in mathematics and tangible sciences, the foundations of his worldview crumble when Skylar brings home a stray supernatural being.

Thera Gonzalez-Cunningham

Born February 14th of 1996, Thera grew up in Northern California amongst a sizable family of adoptees. After working a few odd jobs in early adulthood, she moved to Portland to dabble in culinary arts and discover herself - wherein she met Asher and the two hit it off.

Due to a crisis of identity that nearly ended their relationship during the holidays of 2022, Asher convinced her to follow her own path. Her passions led her to several small roles in short films, and eventually to settle down with a local theatre troupe.


Born [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], Arbor was raised in a strict environment within Heaven for inevitable placement in the militia. He was placed in the barracks for housing on [REDACTED] and quickly climbed the ranks of Sector 77, officially becoming commander in [REDACTED].

His sector was assigned to Oren's case when [REDACTED] as of [REDACTED]. Due to the mission's nature, he vetted [REDACTED] thoroughly, while Second General Farahiel was put to task at [REDACTED].

*Interviewer's note: Yes, this was as much information as I could procure. When I described what these answers would be used for, my notebook was promptly taken, whited-out, then returned.


Born in 1627* whilst discussions were still being had about the "merger" of the North American District, Farahiel had a sheltered upbringing under her angel-born mother. Growing up rewarded for her quieter personality, she eased her way into scouting then skirmishing, eventually working herself into a leadership position of Sector 77.

Her role in a recent rogue angel case raised suspicion, as facts stated in the reports didn't quite add up. Though detrimental to her career path, she follows her gut feeling.

*Interviewer's note: When prodded about her birthdate, she smiled warmly and said to "use your best judgement." I am torn between Capricorn and Pisces placements.


Created alongside the other archangels and pantheons before calendars came into existence, Michael holds the Mantle of the Favored. The strongest of the archangels, he's well known amongst mortals for striking down Lucifer. He presides over all 100 sectors of Heaven's militia.

After the revolt of 1838, Michael became the guardian to Oren - along with Andrew and Elijah - in hopes he could raise her with enough ignorance about the soul she harbored.


Created alongside the other archangels and pantheons before calendars came into existence, Raphael holds the Mantle of the Mender. Empathetic and eternally anxious, he heads the entirety of Heaven's Medical Center.

Aware of the events leading up to the 1838 revolt, and after much convincing, he and Azrael were approved a surrogate to produce their daughter, Sera - Michael's agreement based solely on the necessity of extra archangels due to Lucifer's reincarnation.


Created alongside the other archangels and pantheons before calendars came into existence, Metatron holds the Mantle of the Archivist. Worldly but weary, he oversees the Knowledge Wing of Heaven.

The fallout of the 1838 revolt left him devastated, as many invaluable tomes were stolen from his library and his two sons were lost to him that day. More often than not, he keeps himself buried in his books to occupy his thoughts.


Created alongside the other archangels and pantheons before calendars came into existence, Azrael holds the Mantle of the Reaper - though he personally prefers the title "Angel of Death." He's in charge of coordinating the reapers within his district.

Amongst the very few beings that can intimidate Michael, his presence was paramount in securing a surrogate for him and his partner Raphael. He dabbles little in the day-to-day dramas and petty bickering amongst the other archangels, finding far more importance in his list.


An ancient and mysterious being residing in mist and shadow.

Mimi Mcvale

Born May 23rd of 2001, Mimi was brought up alongside her older brother, Asher, in a conservative household. She kept quiet about her own identity following the events of her brother coming out, until she completed high school.

In 2019, she moved in with Asher and Oren, and began her pursuit to become a nurse. Since certification, she's often spreading herself thin aiding the masses whenever she can. She still resides with her brother, not interested in losing him again.


Created seventh and last in a line of princes, associated with the sin of sloth, Luc resides in the deepest depths of purgatory. Like his brothers, he was created from the body of Lucifer's anguished lover, made on the final breaths of exhaustion.

His level of coherency dwindles due to eternal lethargy. The expanse of the ink that consumes him is endless, and nothing can be confirmed as to whether it helps or hinders his sense of consciousness.

*After much prodding and patience due to his tendency to doze, I was able to ascertain that "Luc" is short for "Lucifer" - the name he took on after his brother renounced it. He stated, in shorter terms, that "Belphegor was too lengthy and difficult for him to pronounce."

Observer Aurora

Created before mortal comprehension, Observer Aurora is of three remaining seekers within Heaven - those gifted the ability to see an angel's soul, and thus track their whereabouts.

Her days are spent sitting within the Heaven's Eye observatory, using the grand oculus tool at its center to search for angels on Earth. The device is utilized daily for seeking out mortal-born angels in infancy, but more recently to find a missing scout whose presence escapes even Observer Aurora.