All headshots created with the site Artbreeder, then edited in Clipstudio Paint by Rune. Listed in order of appearance.

These are created with reference in mind, and different interpretations of appearances are always welcome.


Well-meaning but forgetful to the point of aloofness, Zeke has been reaping for an undetermined amount of time. He shows an immense level of patience with the souls he takes and as such is afforded more time between names.

Amongst other reapers, he’s deemed the chattiest, and considered most likely to gossip - a feat, given the pastimes of the undead.


Born July 20th of 1851, Sophie is classified as the subspecies delicatus. Her demonic species is one of four types bred specifically to mimic humans, in both appearance and function, and are noted for their soft features - of which her personality is anything but.

Raised amongst a large family of delicatus, thus bullied by heftier types of demons, she grew an obsession with strength. Her ideals eventually led her to date Edvin, possessed by the assumed protection a durus could provide.

Martina Ramirez

Martina was, in fact, born. She is well-traveled and versed in many types of “alternative treatments” related to magic, not witchcraft. She and her son have lived in Portland for about 50 years, and are long-time companions of Gabriel.

*Mrs. Ramirez was incredibly adamant about interviewing in her native tongue, and thus the translations are a bit rusty.

Antonio Ramirez

Born most recently on January 18th of 2010, Antonio has training beyond his mother’s usage of magic. His areas of focus pertain to wards, runes, and blockades of the supernatural, which drew him to Gabriel some time ago.

In his current lifetime, he finds interest in retro video games and the evolution of technology. He doesn’t consider himself very outdoorsy, more often than not finding jobs and hobbies he can do in the comfort of his own home.

Krystal Black

Born April 15th of 1995, Krystal was raised alone by her father in the northeast of Portland. She spent much of her time in school absentmindedly doodling on notebooks and homework assignments. Her artistic focus stuck with her until college, during which she dropped out after tuition costs hindered her financially.

During her tattooing apprenticeship in 2022, she was caught in a wrong place, wrong time situation whilst walking home. Roughly introduced to the supernatural and rescued by a middle schooler, she took on a favor for Antonio, a begrudging friendship alongside it.

Melody Williams

Born February 16th of 1967, Melody is as free as spirits come. An eclectic type, she collects hobbies and keeps her hands busy - when she’s not sleeping in, that is. She met Oren at a dive in Portland in 1991 and spent until sunrise getting to know the angel.

Moving in together a year later for more than financial purposes, she was distraught to find herself alone again one morning. Missing explanation, she eventually moved on, as mortals are apt to do.


Created alongside the other archangels and pantheons before calendars came into existence, Raguel held the Mantle of the Magistrate until his death during the revolt of 1838.

He wielded the scales, particularly fond of what was fair and just. Having a child of his own, he didn't hesitate to side with Gabriel when the uprising occurred.


Born August 16th of 1568, Arthuriel was raised on the importance of knowledge, and took an early interest in story-telling. His creative pursuits delved further and further into fiction, blurring the lines between the known and unknown supernatural.

Having become a father himself within a couple months of the revolt, the choice to take Gabriel's side was obvious.

Leif Pederson

Born September 8th of 2011 in Oslo, Norway, Leif was raised unaware of his angelhood by his mother. That is, of course, until a certain Norse figurehead's hammer crashed through his ceiling, denoting him the next mantle-holder.

At merely 12 years old, he took on the position of a god, and has since become much more reserved - some say, to the point of being standoffish.


Created alongside the other pantheons before calendars came into existence, Loki is considered many things amongst mortals, but primarily a pest to his fellow ancient beings. He is best known for his enchantments, of which he often uses for nefarious purposes.

Fate, and perhaps boredom, brings him to Heaven, wherein he becomes completely smitten by a particular archangel.


Created alongside the other pantheons before calendars came into existence, Tyr is renowned as an enigmatic god. A just figure, his concerns are held in fairness and treaties - often brought into the affairs of other districts to settle heftier disagreements, and more so since Raguel's fall.

Not one to encourage disorder, he remains wary but amused at Heaven's dramatics, staying on the sidelines until more mature conversations are to be had.


Created alongside the other pantheons before calendars came into existence, Freyja leads the Norse District, as Odin's mantle has gone unclaimed for decades. Head of her pantheon, she is commonly associated with sorcery, war, love, death, and - quite obviously - beauty.

Her optimism is not sullied by her years and, though bittersweet at times, she believes that love conquers all.


Born May 25th of 1945, Suzanne is classified as the subspecies frigus. Her demonic species is one of four types bred specifically to mimic humans, in both appearance and function - best known for their icy personalities and snow-like features.

She was raised alone by her older sister, both practically bargained for by partners in Hell due to the natural cold their type exudes. She settled on Dmitri, some safety seen in his social status, but quickly found herself annoyed with his gentleness.


Created third in a line of princes, associated with the sin of gluttony, Beelzebub is imprisoned within Hell - due to being not well-behaved at best, dangerous at worst. He was created from the body of Lucifer's anguished lover, like his brothers.

Less coherent than many of his siblings, his only motivation lies in his next meal. His stomach is bottomless and teeth able to bite through nearly anything - so much so that an unidentified metal was created to line his cell with, strong enough to keep him withheld.