The Soul of Lucifer series is a blended genre adventure set in the Pacific Northwest. It boasts supernatural elements, a diverse and inclusive cast, and a strong female lead. The story challenges the status quo, stating Lucifer was not evil incarnate and that Michael merely had a better PR team - the victors do write the history books, after all.

Soul of Lucifer: Lost

The first book in the Soul of Lucifer series.

A modern-day angel inherits the war of her predecessor through means of reincarnation.

After waking up alone in a clearing, battered and bruised from a demon hunting assignment gone wrong, Oren tries to piece together what happened. In trying to report back upstairs, she finds herself down a wing and - to make matters worse - abandoned by Heaven. In her anguish, she accidentally activates a power she's not aware of, the luminosity of which attracts a livestreaming passerby.

The wax seal of fate dries.

*Content warning: violence, strong language, gaslighting**, bigotry**

**Per the antagonist and in no way condoning said behavior

Soul of Lucifer: Found

The second book in the Soul of Lucifer series.

After waking up alone in a clearing, battered and bruised…for the second time this week, Oren must recover from another near-death experience. She has been made aware of the Lightbringer’s potential - and her place in the war against Heaven - but now she must learn how to harness the power.

Brought back from the brink by the leader of the revolt, she sees an arduous journey of recuperation and preparation before her.

Will her own impatience be her downfall?

*Content warning: violence, strong language, self-harm**, dissociation**

**Pages specifically notated to avoid triggers

Soul of Lucifer: Gather

The third book in the Soul of Lucifer series.

Having gotten a bitter taste of Sector 77, the revolt group is left scattered in both mind and body. The Lightbringer's disappearance leaves hope dwindling, the last flames of the rebellion snuffed out under Michael's order.

Nearly a year later, embers in the dark reveal the truth, and tipped scales ignite the need for unlikely alliances.

The sun rises again.

*Content warning: violence, strong language, sexual content**, depictions of torture**

**Chapters/pages notated, warning available after dedication page

Book four to be announced.